Moroccan lighting is a variety of Moorish middle eastern pieces of home decor & design

Moroccan lighting offers handmade and unique décor items from Morocco, their authentic variety of home décor and furniture items including kilim furniture, cabinets for bedrooms, carved & painted armoires, a huge selection of lamps, lanterns & brass lighting, gorgeous beds & sofas. Each décor piece offered on the web store has been meticulously designed, handcrafted and selected to provide customers the highest possible quality and craftsmanship.

The home Décor trends for the upcoming and the current year is all about combining different elements to achieve an up-to-date and personalized look. Interior decorators are now incorporating conventional and modern design décor and furniture, colors and textures, this trend will continue throughout the next year. The décor of any house represent the people who live in it, it reflects the likes, dislikes and the personality of its owners. For some people the decoration of the house is a way to express themselves, their living spaces serve the purpose of being their own personal art gallery, which the adorn with colors, pieces and items that they like. Casbah Décor collection features a wide variety of handcrafted pieces from Morocco that can be incorporated the home décor trend of fusion.

The interior décor experts at Casbah Decor said: "At Casbah decor, we're devoted to the idea that your home can be an endless source of inspiration. We believe that decorating with Moroccan furniture & decor theme should be easy and fun. We hand pick and design our selection of Moroccan living rooms, mother of pearl furniture & bedding, bedroom beds set, armoires, lanterns & lamps, inlaid camel bone tables, we do work on every space that you would like us to do, we are inventive, work on different spaces, achieve ideas with our clients work within any budget. We work directly with master artisans that create unique pieces and most of the times a one-of-kind items."

Most of the on-trend color schemes for the current and coming year have been very much a part of Moroccan décor style, the blues, earthy and dramatic colors on the walls goes well with ethnic pieces from the Casbah Décor collection. Another trend making waves is the gold and copper décor and furniture pieces that exude luxury, the web store's offerings such as the Moroccan lanterns and mirrors include gold, copper and mother of pearl design elements that speak of the Middle Eastern feel of luxury, which is a style that is admired and adopted by many interior decorators around the world.

The web store contains thousands of different home décor and furniture items that will fit many different needs, budgets and styles of the buyers. The company takes immense pride in the fact that they house largest selections of unique high quality Moroccan décor and furniture products on the web that are not just another run-off-the mill sort of pieces and can be designed to the specifications of the customer. The items featured on the web store are directly sourced from Morocco and Syria. The company believes that besides the quality of the products, listening to their customers and catering to their needs well have been the driving force behind their success.